Our Vision

The purpose of the SJFC is to promote the happiness and wellbeing of young people in our local community through participation in Australian football. We strive to cultivate personal development and improve self esteem, both on and off the field. We strive for team improvement and to develop future senior players.

In achieving this purpose the SJFC and its members are guided by and promote the following key values and expectations.

Our club values are:


We play by the rules

We show respect to our coaches, the opposition, other club members and volunteers.


Our club is an inclusive community

In terms of ethnicity, religion, gender and ability. Everyone gets a fair go.


We rely on teamwork on and off the field

We are accountable for our actions and play our role in the team.


We ask for best effort

To strive for continuous improvement. We have an open minded learning mindset.


Healthy body - healthy mind

They say 30 minutes a day goes a long way!


We are all here to have fun

… that is what junior footy is all about.

Our club expects its officials, players, parents and members to:

• not argue with umpires
• not use offensive or denigrating language at games and club events
• not initiate or engage in rough conduct
• not complain about things behind the scenes
• not sacrifice the fun factor for any reason.

Diversity & Inclusion

Ella McConnell

Ella McConnell (BA (Hons), BEd (Special Education/Inclusive Practice) Master of Organisational Leadership)

Should you have any questions or just want to chat do not hesitate to contact Ella via email:


In 2022, SJFC welcomes Ella to the General Committee in the role of the Diversity & Inclusion Consultant.

Ella has over 20 years experience in education at varied settings across Melbourne; working as a classroom practitioner and Inclusive Practice Leader. For the past 4 years she has worked as a Learning Consultant for the Catholic Education Authority, supporting schools across Victoria in the implementation of a national disability funding model and programming for students with diverse learning and behavioural needs. In addition, Ella has collaborated with the Australian Department of Education and Training, Monash University and Pricewaterhouse Coopers on national projects; related to disability funding in Australian schools and professional learning, designed to educate teachers across Australia on how to effectively support students with diverse needs.

Ella is passionate about inclusion in all aspects of life, including sport! She thrives on advocating for children and parents to ensure they have access to education and can participate in activities on the same basis as their peers. Her role at SJFC is multifaceted; designed to raise awareness about diversity and inclusion; work in collaboration with parents to support players and liaise with the coaching team.

Image Source: https://ideal.com/diversity-equity-inclusion/

2022 Executive Committee

Position Name Email
President Justin Mitchell president@sorrentojuniorfc.com
Vice President Jess McCabe vicepresident@sorrentojuniorfc.com
Secretary Josie Sierakowski secretary@sorrentojuniorfc.com
Treasurer Ash Galvin treasurer@sorrentojuniorfc.com
Football Manager Kathy Novakos footyops@sorrentojuniorfc.com

Club Songs

Sorrento Sharks Club Song lyrics
Rye / Sorrento Waves Club Song lyrics

The health and wellbeing of all players at the SJFC is of utmost importance. We are thrilled to continue our participation in the SALT (Sport and Life Training) program for 2021. The SALT trainers will facilitate highly interactive education, culture and leadership programs for our players. They will deliver age appropriate and gender specific sessions at various times throughout the season to support our players to be their best, both on and off the field.

The programs are based on a model of positive psychology and will draw on the existing strengths and values of our players. SALT mainly work at a community level but also have partnerships with a number of AFL teams. These sessions will be held during training times to make participation as simple as possible.

This junior program is being fully funded by the Bendigo Bank, and will run for three years. Many thanks to the Bendigo Bank for recognising the benefits of junior sport and supporting our local community!

As the Health and Wellbeing Officer I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible throughout the season. If you have any concerns about a player or just want to have a chat yourself, please feel free to give me a call or send me an email.
For more information, contact Mel Buchanan health@sorrentojuniorfc.com

The correct uniform is to be worn on game day : club jersey with your number, club shorts and club socks (and mouth guard) on game day to be permitted to play.

Your club jersey is only to be worn on game day and not to training and is to be returned to your Team manager at the end of the season. Team training tops can be arranged via your Team Manager (costs apply or organise your own team sponsor – terms & conditions apply and you need executive committee approval prior to ordering).

The MP Junior Football League only permits skin coloured ‘skins’ to be worn underneath uniform – shorts and singlet only – as well as the approved SJFC Training Top for Sharks players.

to play… and the kids hoodies are super warm… just remember to please name them before game day!

Merchandise List:
All Weather Jacket – $70
Black Vest  – $45
Hoodie – $45
Duffle Bag – $50
Duffle Bag (With Name)* – $60
Cap (One Size) – $15
Beanie (One Size) – $15
Playing Socks – $15
Playing Shorts – $35

For more information contact merch@sorrentojuniorfc.com

Sorrento Junior Football Club Inc has a clearly defined Constitution and Code of Conduct. As an incorporated body, the committee and executive of the club also have clear operating and reporting guidelines under the Incorporations Act 1981.

It is a pre-requisite that the Code of Conduct is acknowledged by all players when they register each year. Likewise, all coaches are required to sign a Code of Conduct Agreement which forms part of the AFL Code of Conduct and is a requirement of the AFL Coaching Accreditation Level 1.

SJFC Code of Conduct COACHES

All coaches, team managers and leading officials in specific care and guidance of our player group are required to obtain a Working With Children Check (WWCC). These are recorded by the Club Secretary and form an important part of club policies and our management and care of those player members.

As an affiliate of the Mornington Peninsula Junior Football League (MPJFL), the SJFC is also bound by their articles of association and the league’s binding by-laws and policies. Additionally, the MPJFL policies and codes of conduct are in direct alignment with the Victorian Country Football League’s (VCFL) policies and codes, of which the MPJFL is an affiliate member.
The SJFC follows the AFL’s concussion management guidelines:
AFL Concussion Management Guidelines