Personal Injury Release and Waiver

The player and parent/guardian, the subjects of this registration, understand that participating in Australian Football events, including but not limited to training and matches, involves inherent dangers and/or risks of physical injury, including serious injury such as permanent disability, paralysis and even death. The player and parent/guardian jointly and voluntarily assume such potential dangers and/or risks.
In consideration of Sorrento Junior Football Club (the Club) accepting this registration application, the player and parent/guardian hereby agree to forever release and hold harmless to the fullest extent permitted by law the Club, its officeholders, employees and volunteers from any liability or loss incurred by the player and/or parent/guardian including any ‘out of pocket’ expenses in respect of any injury or illness to the player relating to or connected with the player’s participation in any form of training or matches at any venue or location as part of the Club’s activities in preparation for and throughout the 2022 football season.

By submitting the online form, you confirm that you have read and understand the terms of this release and waiver of liability agreement and agree to its terms unreservedly.

Personal Information

The Sorrento Junior Football Club (the Club) advises that the PLAYER DETAILS provided on this form, together with other personal information collected by the Club will be used to administer the player’s football, club, and league activities. Player information may be disclosed to associated third parties including any relevant league, governing body, and authority. A player’s personal information, including images of the player, may also appear on Club or League websites, in team photos distributed to other club members and may be displayed in clubrooms, sponsor businesses, print, broadcast, online and social media, including the Club’s website and Club communications and promotional material.
In the event of a medical issue or a safeguarding concern arising, the Club may disclose personal information to medical practitioners, police, child protection officers and any relevant Court.

By submitting the online form, you declare that you have the relevant authority to give consent for the PLAYER DETAILS and other personal information to be collected, stored, and disclosed in accordance with the advice provided above.

Player Medical Record

I hereby give consent for my child to receive medical attention from a sports trainer appointed by Sorrento Junior Football Club (SJFC) and for the Team Manager to call on emergency medical personnel if required. I understand that the SJFC cannot be held liable for any injury sustained by my child during play or at training. I understand that the wearing of mouth guards is compulsory whilst playing and training.
To the best of my knowledge, all information contained on this Player Medical Record is accurate. By signing the form, I give consent for this information to be collected, stored, and distributed to relevant team officials and medical practitioners for use where deemed appropriate at the discretion of SJFC.